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The Peak Performance Difference:

Our coaching philosophy is unique as we teach an international clay court style of tennis. Having spent many years in Germany and France playing and coaching in the prestigious German Bundesliga this coaching style evolved and is molded to exactly how the games top professionals today play and learnt the game of Tennis. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Juan Martin del Potro, Gilles Simon. Gael Monfils, Fernando Verdasco are all players that grew up on clay. Currently 9 players of the top 10 grew up on clay and play the style that we coach.

Of the 103 men who have reached the top 10 since rankings were kept, 91 of them grew up on clay. Even with these overwhelming statistics most coaches teach an outdated style of playing the game that no longer works. The reason that most of them do this is because they teach how they were taught and have not evolved with the game and have not been at a high enough level as players to be exposed to an international style that is dominating the ranking lists. We live in a world that is dominated by clay court players at the highest level and need the coaches to follow. The United States Tennis Association has finally acknowledged this trend and is making moves to start coaching its players with this style.

  • The new national headquarters for the USTA’s high performance training of the top US junior players is located at the Evert Academy as the facility has 14 clay courts and 9 hard courts.
  • The USTA chose the Evert Academy to satisfy its “desire to emphasize clay-court play to its juniors.
  • Playing well on clay is no longer a specialty of dirt ballers, it is “nearly a prerequisite for success” among the pros (Wertheim, p108).

The USTA is adding clay courts at their top junior facilities and bringing in European coaches (Wertheim, p108). Sources:

  • Clarey, Christopher, “In House Project: The US Trains Many of the World’s Best Players, So Why Can’t We Do Better With Our Own Kids? The USTA Thinks It May Finally Have the Answer.” Tennis Magazine, Nov/Dec 2006, p48-49.
  • Wertheim, L. Jon, “Feet of Clay: It’s Time for US Players to Get Down and Dirty,” Tennis Magazine, Apr 2006, p108.

The clay court style of tennis is easily adaptable and transferable to hard courts ( the typical tennis court that you will find here in the Unites States. ) Clay courters consistently dominate on the hard courts with the last 11 hard court grand slams being won by players that grew up on clay. The last 5 Australian Open’s won by Federer, Safin and Djokovic and the last 6 US Open’s won by Federer and Del Potro. We will teach you the most successful style of tennis and help you adapt it correctly to the hard courts. Training you to be the very best player that you can be is our main goal at Peak Performance Tennis.

Learn to play the right way and have a distinct advantage over your opponents, limit the chances of injuries by learning the correct technique, ensure constant improvement and setting yourself up with a pro style game and make tennis the lifetime sport it is.

In the field of tennis coaching lesson rates can be quite varied. These rates often reflect the coaches knowledge and experience. With Peak Performance you will avoid learning outdated and incorrect technique which is difficult to reverse, resulting in stagnation, lack of improvement and an overall loss of interest in the sport.

Bollettieri Invite 8.17

Ross Duncan invited to be a  part of Elite Coaching Staff for  Nick Bollettieri Charity Event that will take place in Portland, Oregon October 16-17,2015. If you are interested in signing up please see flyer attached. Thank you

Ross Duncan coaches Irvine Valley College to first ever State Championship Title in school history. April 2015

Ross Duncan selected as captain for the Men’s USA 35 team for third time. Feb 2016

Ross Duncan Selected to represent Team USA in Avory Cup against Great Britain in South Carolina in September 2015

Ross Duncan coaches Irvine Valley College Men’s Tennis Team to back to back State Championships. April 2016

Javi Callejo wins Irvine Valley College Mens Tennis Team first Individual Singles Championship. April 2016

Scott Paz and Bruno Figlia Win Irvine Valley College’s second straight Doubles State Championship with an all IVC final for the second consecutive year. April 2016

Ross Duncan Captains the USA Italia Cup team to wins over Turkey and Canada in the World Championships in Umag, Croatia. May 2016

Ross Duncan makes the USA Team for 5 consecutive years.








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